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  Below are reviews from Kirkus Reviews and others.




     "In Mason’s debut sci-fi novel, a tormented anthropologist looking for the origins of mankind meets a not-quite-human girl who reminds him of a lost love.

     This work impressively shuttles backward and forward through the cosmos, speculating on humanity’s remote past and destined future, while largely remaining bound to the same setting: a few arid square miles in northern Kenya in 1985.  That’s where John Lohner, a Harvard paleoanthropologist on an excavation site, tries to forget about the tragedies in his life—specifically, his mother’s suicide, his own suicide attempt, and the death of his fiancee, Diane, in a traffic accident.

     The fact that Lohner hears voices in his head doesn’t make things any easier.

     When he and his African assistant, Kamau, find an unnaturally pale, hairless, and nude girl, Mia, in a field, he’s shocked to find that she reminds him of Diane.  Readers, however, already know that Mia, perceived by natives as a “witch,” is actually a synthetic humanoid—a sort of ephemeral scout created by a mysterious, spaceborne entity called the Shepherd, which travels through time and space by using black holes.

     Four million years ago, the Shepherd clashed with a marauding artificial intelligence called A4-Ni over the custody of Gilomir, a precious, sentient genome sequence. The two wounded combatants tumbled to primordial Earth, where Gilomir sowed the seeds for intelligent Homo sapiens.  Now the Shepherd and A4-Ni, with inhuman patience, near a showdown, in which Lohner unwittingly plays an important part.

     In lesser hands, this obtuse material could have gone completely off the rails. However, Mason doles out the story’s mind-stretching revelations, on an Olaf Stapledon–like scale, and pathos with fair skill, keeping the narrative’s key features carefully hidden or flat-out


     In his flights of imagination, he sometimes spins sheer prose-poetry out of genetic-science terminology, practically singing of haploids, nucleotides, chromosomes, and amino acids (“A4-Ni stored her methodology in a genetic lockbox she constructed in his Y chromosome”).

     A sequel, Primordium Book Two: Renaissance, has already been published.

     An ambitious tale with compelling concepts but one that’s dauntingly dense—even for sci-fi readers raised on the temporal loops of Doctor Who." --- Kirkus Reviews


     "I finished "REFORMATION" last night,   The first sci-fi book I've read in about 30 years.    And, somewhat to my surprise I'm afraid, ( because I thought that sci-fi was not my thing),  I REALLY enjoyed it,  - read until three in the morning.  I very much liked the fact that it was based on earth and not some far-off planet with daleks on it.   In fact I went to one of the meetings of our book group today, and I told them about it and asked if they would like to take a step away from our usual diet of book choices and read this next month, and they were all keen to do so." --- Elise Johnston, France


     "A fascinating book of science fiction that will keep you turning the pages. This is a beautifully written book with great descriptions and lots of action and there is a surprising depth to it all. I am recommending it to all my friends." --- DW, on Amazon.Com


     "A masterful piece of storytelling, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A fascinating imagining of how life evolved on our planet spun off from the accidental arrival of alien DNA. The author did an excellent job of developing the characters with multiple layers of complexity, and the plot was always interesting with good movement. His Mobius strip was a brilliant idea for the structure of its timeline. I loved how the gripping suspense built up to a massive crescendo of a grand finale to tie it altogether, then spinning off with the beginning of a new storyline in the epilogue. Wow, I can't wait to order the rest of his series, Primordium! I highly recommend this book, and found that the author's website gives an excellent preview of his work at:" --- Martha L. Eisenberger


     "Reformation: Primordium Book One by William E. Mason is the first book in a sci fi series that registers the evolution of life on planet Earth, a highly imaginative work that will take sci fi lovers by surprise. John Lohner continually wrestles with a voice that speaks in his head, unable to focus on his anthropological work. Little does he know that he is a fragile receptacle for a miraculous and powerful life form that has been in existence for four million years. When he rescues a synthetic female from the hands of harmful thieves, he falls in love with her, but he doesn’t know that his encounter with the unusual lady has revived a conflict that has existed between two primordial powers for four million years. Can he protect the throbbing life within him or be crushed with it in the fray? And what becomes of the fate of humanity?


     Mason’s bubbling and effusive imagination is one of the captivating elements of this science fiction; a work about the evolution of life that begins four million years back is undoubtedly interesting. The author has created characters that are compelling in an irresistible kind of way, and it will be a thrill for readers to watch them evolve. Set against the backdrop of modern Kenya, Reformation: Primordium Book One is laced with images and facts that make it almost close to reality: a highly convincing story. The conflict is intense, lived at different levels, and masterfully developed to propel the plot forward. The language of the book is mesmerizing, an excellent prose that carries an irresistible spell of seduction. This one is, indeed, a precious gem for science fiction lovers. An interesting read, a wonderful concept. I loved this book and will definitely read the others." --- Romuald Dzemo for Reader's Favorite






     "In Mason’s sequel to Primordium Book One: Reformation (2015), a scientist travels back and forth through time, caught in a conflict between cosmic entities to control a genetic strain that seeded mankind.

     Except for some time-travel seesawing to the 71st century, this story is set in 2005, 20 years after an important incident in northern Kenya. During that event, an organic spaceship called the Shepherd clashed with an amnesiac, damaged version of itself over the possession of Gilomir, a powerful alien genome sequence.

     It was stored in ancient primates as an act of desperation, and as a result, it provided the evolutionary spark and intelligence that created the human race. Now the Shepherd has returned to Earth (or, more precisely, another Shepherd, due to time travel) because “players”—ruthless, self-recycling agents of the Zug, the dark side of Gilomir­—are at large there.

     One has taken the form of a beautiful woman and the other, a hulking Neanderthal; both are trying to control the genome and ensure that the human race devolves back into primal apes.

     Protagonist Truman Justis, meanwhile, is the half-Kenyan son of one of the previous book’s casualties. His remarkable resume as a fighter, geneticist, and Zen disciple makes him the likeliest hero to save humanity, if he’ll embrace his destiny.  Along the way, the small cast of characters appears as different versions of themselves in alternate and/or parallel world-lines.

     This book has a more action-driven aesthetic than the earlier installment’s science-as-poetry lyricism, although the Gilomir, as a concept, is starting to resemble the Force of Star Wars fame.

     Overall, it’s a time-hopping game of capture-the-Gilomir, with the same violent events often re-running from a different point of view. As one character says, “time loops are confusing,” but science-fiction readers who enjoy having their minds stretched like a pack of Silly Bands may enjoy the many deliberate pummelings of déjà vu.

     A complicated sci-fi sequel featuring many puzzling time loops." --- Kirkus Reviews


     "Renaissance is Book Two in the spellbinding Primordium series by William E. Mason, a masterful blend of science and fantasy. Humanity is losing its essence because of the death of A4-Ni, the incomprehensible life form that has nourished it for so many years. Only one man has the key to save humanity, and to do so he has to travel to 7005 AD. Truman Justis embarks on an unpredictable journey to find answers to humankind’s demise, transported by the Shepherd, a spaceship with incredible powers. What he finds will blow his mind and, torn between loyalties, the huge question is whether Truman will live up to his calling to save mankind’s cure or be swallowed up in the fight between ancient powers?

      Those who have read Reformation, the prequel to this book, will not be disappointed. Again William E. Mason offers his readers another work of great depth, a heart-pounding sci-fi that will be loved by fans of Star Wars. The book is packed with action and intelligent dialogue, and although it features aliens and creatures that are completely new to readers, the descriptions are vivid and so convincing that readers can feel like they inhabit that abstract universe. Truman is a character that will evoke the finest emotions in readers as they follow his journey in time in the quest for the one thing that could redeem humanity. The author of Primordium Book Two: Renaissance knows how to make the hearts of his readers jolt and then immediately put a smile on their face. This one is intoxicatingly gripping and downright exciting to read." --- Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite




     "Requiem is the third book in the pulsating Primordium series by William E. Mason, a colossal work of fantasy and pure genius. This time the future of pure humans, the Maraia, is threatened by a sinister and unforgiving dark force, the Cardassin, and their DNA may get contaminated or even extinguished. The creation of the A4-Ni is the only hope of preserving the pure race, but the person entrusted with this mission dies without completing the task. Now, his daughter, Akilah Rasmussen, must complete the task. The secrets she uncovers while working on the project will blow her mind and she will have to face the challenge of making difficult choices, plus confront an enemy that is as cunning as he is powerful. It’s very interesting to watch as Akilah and her team embark on this dangerous journey to a fate as uncertain as mankind’s future.

      There could not have been a better title for this book than Requiem, a work that will evoke all kinds of powerful emotions in readers as they are introduced to new and well-grounded characters like Akilah Rasmussen, Michael, and Jamil. Mason picks up the reins to lead his readers into yet another level of excitement, introducing new elements into his beautiful and endearing concept. There is a new wave of warmth and excitement as readers follow Mason’s heroes in their adventure to accomplish the impossible.

     The story is fast moving with twists that will keep readers fully engaged. Mason’s masterful use of suspense is a powerful element that will certainly make readers want to keep turning the pages. The writing, as usual, is graceful and it carries a charm of its own, one that will appeal to a wide audience. A sci-fi that feels so distant and close at the same time, a story of alien forces that will make you think it was about the neighborhood beyond the fence. Mason opens a portal into a world where readers can escape and

dream." --- Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite







     "Resurrection is the fourth and perhaps the last book in the Primordium Series by William E. Mason. This is a dazzling denouement to the electrifying series that has featured an excellent intermingling of aliens and humans in the quest to shape destiny, but this time the author raises the stakes even higher. In order to restore harmony to the universe, Gilomir, the alien DNA, finds himself in a universe six million years back, inhabiting the hominid species, Humanus. Enhanced and restored to his unusual powers, he still has one challenge that could make his mission impossible: facing Zug, the very incarnation of evil. Mankind’s future hangs in the balance, determined by whether Humanus succeeds or fails in his mission.

      Again, the characters are brilliantly sculpted to grab readers’ interest. Readers will come across Justin Rasmussen again with his acute intelligence, and other compelling characters like The Guardian, Humanus, the evil Zug, and others. The author doesn’t bore readers with too many characters, and the few characters in the book become precious companions in this ground-breaking adventure. The genre is difficult to place, the concept of the book powerful. The plot is fast and gripping, well-imagined and clever, an absorbing read that will lift readers completely off their seats and thrust them into an exotic universe. Mason writes with confidence and will come across to many readers as a master of his craft. He handles his themes with intelligence and it is astonishing to see how he leads the puzzle-driven story back to where it all began. Resurrection will resonate with numerous fans of sci-fi and fantasy; it is, at its best, a startling manifestation of creative imagination at work." --- Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite




     "Enjoyed CHLOE THE CLONE! Interesting story with great characters exploring survival with a twist. You could feel the frailty of the human soul through the story. The spirit of the body and mind are explored throughout. Fun to read, looking forward to checking out Mr. Mason's other novels!" --- Sarah Lambert


      "Chloe the Clone is a science fiction tale, set in the near future, about a girl created solely to be an organ donor for a dying man. It is a suspenseful thriller with a light and humorous side as the donor and her recipient form an unlikely friendship.

      The book brought two movies to mind: Leon, in which a hitman befriends a young girl; and Minority Report, in which a rogue cop helps a psychic woman escape the government. Fans of both movies will feel right at home with Chloe the Clone. Mason has struck an impressive balance with the humour never straying into cheesiness or detracting from the tension and excitement.

      My only criticism is the year, 2020, seems to near, given the subject matter. I would suggest 2030 would be more appropriate. However, the writing quality is good throughout, and this is one of the better science fiction novels I have read this year." --- Sleepy Bookworm {}


     "This book was a real "page turner". I wanted to keep reading to find out what was happening next, as I was hooked early in the story.

     I purchased this book from a source other than Amazon, but liked it so much, I wanted to write a review on this site so others would also enjoy reading it.

     The dialog and characters were well developed, their thoughts and feelings were realistic and often humorous. The adventure of different geographic locations chosen were an added feature in escape reading. A good discussion might come from readers or book to whether this type of medical procedure could be happening in our futures.

     Mr. Mason has written a novel unlike many other typical stories out there, and fun to read." --- juanita


     "In an interesting and unique new work of science fiction by author William E. Mason, Chloe The Clone is a story that unfortunately seems increasingly possible. Taking place in the near future, in 2020, the story follows the life of Chloe, a little girl who was cloned with the sole intention of becoming a heart donor to a wealthy older gentleman, Sam Turner. While the story's premise appears dark and rather bleak, there is a significant amount of humor in its telling. And when Sam starts to love the little girl that was essentially developed for parts, namely his parts, that's when the story really gets interesting.


     Readers will find it hard to put this book down, and will likely read it all in one sitting, just as I did! I very much enjoyed Chloe The Clone. Author William E. Mason has done an excellent job in creating characters that his readers will be able to relate to, connect with and truly care about. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. The story is frightening in its potential reality, humorous, and filled with adventure, not a combination easily found in a single work. Any reader who enjoys science fiction would certainly enjoy Chloe The Clone, but I would also recommend this book to any reader simply looking for an excellent read in any genre. I highly recommend this book, and look forward to reading more from the talented and intriguing author, William E. Mason, as soon as possible!" --- Tracy Slowiak for Reader's Favorite

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