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Pictured left is the first book released in the Primordium Series.  The final three books have all been released as well as a stand alone novel not related to the series, Chloe The Clone.  Most recently, Primordial Short Stories was released August 2015.


Series Title:

PRIMORDIUM: A primordium is the simplest set of cells capable of triggering growth of the would-to-be organ and the initial foundation from which an organ is able to grow. (Wikipedia)


Series Premise: 

Mankind's humanity is a mistake. Stolen DNA planted in an ancient hominid enables hominids to evolve as conscious beings, culminating in Homo sapiens, creatures not meant to be, but creatures capable of curiosity and wonder.  They look out at a closed universe they were not meant to see nor have the intelligence to comprehend. 


Series Context:

When the balance is upset between Gilomir and Zug, a dynamic dualism of good and evil, yin and yang, order and chaos, the guardian seeks to rehabilitate Gilomir by transporting his DNA into an anomalous zone (our universe) that is embedded in their greater universe.


In the anomalous zone, all world lines are closed‑timelike‑curves (CTCs - a pathological solution to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity discovered by Kurt Godel in 1949).  CTCs have neither beginning nor end, but cycle endlessly.


Four Novels: 

The story in each novel is told from a human point of view, which follows the lives of human characters as they interact and cope with events beyond their control.



All four novels are set in northern Kenya, near Lake Turkana but during different epochs and climates.

Reformation:  1985 A.D. – Climate: Semi-arid

Renaissance:  7,000 A.D. – Climate: Tropical Wet (Renaissance begins   in the present, but soon jumps to 7,000 A.D.)

Requiem :  10,000 A.D. – Climate: Arctic

Resurrection:  6 million years ago – Climate: Tropical Wet and Dry


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